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How to use Cold Email to target your ideal customers. Generate leads, drive sales, even raise capital with Eric Carlson.

In this Expert Interview, Nathan speaks with Eric Carlson.

Eric is the founder of the 10x Factory – a place for CEO’s and founders to share ideas about how to take their marketing to the next level. He is also the marketer behind the fastest growing subscription box on Cratejoy, has spent 8 figures on Facebook advertising and is a 2x 2 comma club Clickfunnels awardee.

In this Expert Interview, Eric and Nathan go into specifics about his cold email marketing strategies and why they are so effective.

Some topics we cover are:

  • How to create good messages that engage your target market and cause them to take action
  • The process behind creating a great cold email campaign
  • How and where to get quality leads
  • Eric’s favourite programs and bits of software
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