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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

Q: How much do your SEO campaigns cost?

Each job needs a certain level of analysis to ensure that it is both priced correctly and that you have the right expectations. The biggest variables affecting pricing are:

  • How competitive your industry is
  • How quickly you want your website to move up through the rankings
  • What previous work you have had performed on the website (you can’t always undo bad SEO)

Q: How long will it take to rank my website?

We will work to get you both some fast increases in customer enquiries and ensure that we’re building you maintainable, long-term organic rankings. The work we do will see you start to rank for longer tail variations of your main keywords quite quickly as we’re bringing your website up through the rankings for your main keywords. The length of time that it takes to have you rank in the #1 position for your main keywords will depend on the history of your website (mainly any poor quality work that has been performed), the level of competition and the size of the package that you’re on with us.

You will be provided with a monthly update and our team will work closely with you to monitor the progress.

Q: How many keywords will we target?

We sit down with your team at the onset of working together to decide on the top-level keywords to optimize for.

As a result of our work, your website will rank highly for your main keywords. It will also continually increase in rankings for a huge number of long tail variations of these main keywords.

Q: Can I just pay for 6 months and then stop?

We work on a monthly subscription set up where we keep increasing your rankings until you tell us to stop. So far no clients ever have. We strive to help clients continually grow their business such that they’ll very rarely hit a ceiling. To continually increase in rankings, the workload really is ongoing and there are many resources, which require ongoing management.

This said, when you get to the stage where you can’t handle any more business under your current setup we can discuss another billing arrangement. For any keywords with moderate to high competition you’ll certainly need to do regular SEO to hold out your competitors.

Q: Are you guaranteeing that my website will rank #1?

While our team have an extremely thorough understanding of the Google algorithm and how to get the best results from any resources used, in SEO there are a number of variables which can effect your ability to hit #1. The most common ranking issues are poor previous SEO performed on your website and your competitors own SEO efforts (ie: if a competitor is willing to spend 4 times your SEO budget, expect a tough fight for the top ranking positions).

Q: Can you elaborate more on how/what strategies your team use to get faster SEO results than other digital marketing companies? Are they trusted methods that will be effective long term?

There is so much theory and speculation thrown around in the SEO industry about what has a website rank and what doesn’t. 99% of the agencies out there listen to the latest theories as a way of keeping current. Our team leaves nothing to chance. We get arguably the biggest rankings in the Country due to our obsession with testing.

We have over 1000+ websites in our own network that we are continually using to test exactly what works, what doesn’t and why.

As a result, our head of SEO is credited for having one of the best understandings of the current Google algorithm of anyone in Australia. We get fast, long lasting rankings as we build a SEO strategy for your website focusing resources on the areas that will have the best impact.

We take no shortcuts, as short-term results and longevity are equally important. We simply know what is going to make the biggest real world difference and focus our resources there.

For more information, simply contact our helpful staff (there is a Contact Us button below).