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Get the maximum value from every marketing dollar spent

We understand that for most businesses, the costs of generating new customers can often be high. This is why we’ve designed our range of industry leading services to help you not only generate tonnes of targeted traffic but also to qualify, measure and convert the maximum amount of web visitors into full paying customers.

Our Services range from:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • PPC and Google Adwords
  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Sales Funnel and User Journey Optimisation

Acquire a customer, not a sale!

Understanding customers and nurturing them throughout their lifecycle such that they engage with, talk about and stay loyal to your brand is key in getting the maximum value from any marketing spend. An old marketing adage that rings true says “the easiest customers to sell to are repeat customers, the second easiest are those who have been referred”.

Equally as true is that the company who converts the most prospects into sales (be it converting web visitors into leads, leads into sales or sales into valuable repeat customers) can actually afford to spend the most on marketing.

Here is why your current digital marketing campaigns are fundamentally flawed

The biggest fault in the digital marketing campaigns (the dirty little secrets that agencies don’t want you to know) is that the basis of all tracking and measurement is fundamentally flawed.

At the risk of getting overly technical: Businesses, marketers and agencies alike don’t properly uncover and track the user journey of your customers to best understand how your top paying customers actually interact with your brand.

Digital marketers and the entire industry are addicted to what we call Last Click Attribution (assigning 100% of the value to last marketing touch point that occurred before the visitor turned into a lead or a sale).

By focusing on Last Click, we under-value early marketing touch points that can often be doing a great job of filling the top of your marketing funnel. Under the Last Click model, these early campaigns or touch points would actually be considered as being under performing as they aren’t attributed as having caused a lead or sale.

99% of the new businesses that we speak to say close variations of the same things

Statements like:

We have customers who come straight onto our website, AMEX in hand and make a purchase. Then we have all these other tyre kickers who ask questions, shop around and then don’t buy anything. We just need to find more of the first kind of people


Our best customers come onto our website via a branded search” (ie: they typed your business name into Google)

Ultimately, in 9 out of 10 cases however, when we actually track users from first interaction with your brand through to sale we find that neither of the above statements are true at all.

In most cases, the AMEX in hand people and the branded search visitors actually first interacted with your brand through some early marketing touch point, the value of which is being overlooked.

In the same way, many marketing campaigns that you or your team run are actually having an impact and causing results that you aren’t seeing. By properly understanding where your best customers come from we can optimise each step along their journey with your brand to help you get the maximum increases in sales.

At Marketing Juice, we revel in helping you track and optimise your entire sales funnel such that you get the maximum results from your marketing resources.

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