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At Marketing Juice, we live and breathe Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our company’s origins are in SEO and it is at the core of our offering. We believe that the right SEO can make a good business great and we have proven this time and time again with our clients.

In an industry filled with so much theory and speculation about what has a website rank and what doesn’t, we use our own relentless testing to guide us and our results speak for themselves.

99% of the digital agencies out there listen to the latest theories as a way of keeping current. Our team leave nothing to chance. We get arguably the biggest rankings in the Country due to our obsession with testing.

We have over 1000+ websites in our own network that we’re continually using to test exactly what works, what doesn’t and why.

As a result, our head of SEO is credited as having one of the best understandings of the current Google algorithm of anyone in the world. We get the fast, long lasting rankings as we build strategies for your website that focus our resources on the areas that will have the best impact.

We take no shortcuts, as short-term results and longevity are equally important. We simply know what is going to make the biggest real world difference and focus our resources there.

“Possibly the best SEO team that I have ever seen in action. From day one to present they had my best interests at heart. They got to grips with what I wanted and then took care of all of the hard work for me. All that I had to do was sit back and watch my clients’ sites climb before their eyes. Talented magicians have nothing on these guys.”

Rick Lin, Omni Digital Solutions

Why You Simply Can’t Afford Bad SEO

Matt Cutts from Google recently offered up a scary statistic that we’ve found to be true. He said that roughly 80% of all websites in their index carry some variation of penalty that is affecting it’s ability to rank highly. Cheap, poorly done or more commonly, out-dated SEO practices can permanently cruel your website’s future.

Over 2000 #1 Organic rankings and counting

We’re currently gaining well over 100 new #1 Google rankings for our clients per month, dominating some of the most competitive keywords on the internet.

Our proven search engine optimisation strategies allow customers to thrive in a huge cross section of industries, from Real Estate to Cyber Security, Car Rental to Legal Services and more.

Our customers range from up and coming local businesses through to Australian and Silicon Valley heavyweights.


“Affordable costs, a knowledgeable team, and experience that I haven´t seen anywhere else. That´s how I´d describe Nathan and his team. I´d recommend them to any SEO pro or marketer in need of support. Their expertise really enhanced my services and my clients couldn´t be happier!”

Hlynur Magnússon, SEO Expert Driving Traffic and Leads to Businesses


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