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Google Adwords and PPC

How to get more value from your Google Adwords campaigns (even if you’re a seasoned veteran)

Adwords is a necessary evil for most businesses and it’s an industry that generates some 90% of Google’s revenue. With Google’s complete dominance in the Search Engine market, people have just accepted that the evil big G can set their own conditions and there is nothing that we can do about it.

Even more surprisingly though, businesses have willingly accepted an industry standard pricing model and practices that are ridiculously in favour of the Big Agencies running your Adwords campaigns.

Your well-paid agency is doing Adwords all wrong – and they are absolutely wasting your money!

Here is why:

The common industry standard practices are based around optimising the hell out of the inner metrics of your campaigns. The number of supposed Adwords experts who we’ve heard say “The Click Through Rate of this keyword is 3% worse than that one, I’d better pause it”. Agencies make 99% of their decisions based on the wrong metrics!

Sure the Click Through Rate might be slightly lower, but the Quality Score is still good and that keyword could be responsible for putting the largest portion of your best customers into the top of your marketing funnel. The point is, as they don’t track the right metrics, they have no idea.

What’s worse is that you pay them based on how much they get your campaigns to spend. What sort of an upside down world is that?

The agency’s revenue has no tie to yours. They’re not paid on how much you make from your campaigns. Even if agencies were smart enough to understand why they’re doing Adwords wrong it isn’t in their interest to tip the scales in your favour.

By properly optimising your Adwords such that you can selectively spend your budget only on the specific sections of your campaigns that generate the best customers, you effectively reduce their income.

Here are the four main areas that are causing absolute wastage in your campaigns:

  • Relying on last click attribution
    Assigning 100% of the value to the last click before a lead or sale occurred and ignoring the crucial early clicks that are feeding the top of your marketing funnel
  • Overlooking Assisted clicks and Assisted Impressions
    Overlooking the keyword based clicks and impressions that are often fuelling your branded traffic and other last clicks that appear to convert the highest
  • Failing to understand the customer journey and where your Adwords clicks and impressions fit in
    So often we see campaigns and keywords being written off as being under performing (and often paused) when they are actually the exact things that start your most profitable customer’s journey and interaction with your brand
  • Failing to use your actual sales data to guide where your money is spent
    By optimising based on inner campaign metrics or early conversion points you have no idea whether you are focusing your spend on generating your worst, most unqualified leads or your perfect target clients

At Marketing Juice, we specialise in analysing your sales data and working backwards to determine exactly where your best sales came from and how they interacted with your brand such that we can optimize for more of these.

Our approach uses the very best user tracking to ensure that you only pay for the clicks that generate your best leads and sales.

Performance-based pricing

We’re so confident in our ability to increase your sales while reducing large amounts of wastage in your Adwords campaigns that we’ve designed a performance based pricing model. Here our fee is determined by how much we impact your sales and often the amount you pay us is less than the wastage we save you.

Stop paying agencies whose main strategy for increasing their revenue is by encouraging you to spend more. Agencies whose very practises are designed to incorrectly optimise your campaigns such that you have massive amounts of wasted spend!

Ask about our Performance Based Pricing and find out whether your business qualifies. Apply for a video proposal today and our team will run a detailed analysis of your campaigns and market.

Give your website the boost it needs. Get more traffic, convert more sales & reduce your ad spend.

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