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How to Get the Most From Your Email List with Scott Bywater.

Welcome to another episode in our Expert Interview series. Today Nathan is joined by his good buddy Scott Bywater (of Scottbywater.com). Scott is an expert marketer and copywriter who specialises in helping businesses get the absolute most value from their own mailing lists. 

Listen as Scott shares his best tips around:
  • How to engage with the users on your list (or LinkedIn connections etc.)
  • How to know exactly what content to create
  • How to come up with an almost limitless number of quality content ideas
  • The best formula to use for writing effective content pieces that get great cut through
  • When and how to sell to your list for maximum effect
Plus much more….

Be sure to check out more marketing tips at Scott’s website, if you want to reach him personally, he is available via 02 4285 8840

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