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Who’s prepared for the coming Google algorithm update?

Who's prepared for the coming Google algorithm update?

The Mobile Friendly update is almost here.

I don’t normally force my passion for all things to search marketing onto my Linkedin community but there is a Google Algorithm update coming on April 21 which affects most industries.

In my day job (as king of all things the internet) it’s imperative that I keep our websites at the forefront of the Google search results. Take it from me, being proactive at a time like this is a great way to outrank your competitors.

A brief overview of the coming changes:

On April 21st Google is rolling out a change that could see non-mobile friendly websites suffer major reductions in their search engine rankings.

Currently, the mobile rankings for a website are mostly tied to the ranking strength of the desktop site. If you ranked well on the desktop, you usually ranked well on the mobile as well.

Google has always alluded to the fact that the mobile-friendliness of your website could impact your organic rankings. This coming update is Google definitively following through with that promise.

Starting on April 21, we can assume that mobile-friendly sites will see a dramatic boost in rankings, especially in spaces where their competition has not taken the time to get their “mobile” in order and do not enjoy the mobile-friendly distinction.

At a time when over 50% of all online searches are conducted on a mobile device and approx 80% of businesses don’t have a mobile-friendly website – we’re bound to see some major changes in search engine rankings.

If you have a business that would benefit from a major spike in search engine traffic (at a time when 80% of your industry is seeing a massive reduction) then there’s the opportunity here for you.

To test how mobile friendly your website is, visit:https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

For further info use the Mobile Usability Report to Google Webmaster Tools

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