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Welcome to Episode 1 of the Experts & Influencers Podcast – Scott Bywater


How To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Best Performing Campaigns Or Webpages.

Welcome to Episode 1 of our Podcast. The show where we’re committed to bringing you the experts and influencers who are making the biggest impact in their field.

So grab your notepad, turn off your phone and get ready to tune in to learn tips and takeaways to implement in your business.

Today we’re joined by Conversion Rate Optimisation specialist Scott Bywater. Scott is a talented copywriter, direct response marketer and speaker who focusses his skills to help clients get the maximum value from their existing campaigns.

Show Highlights:

  • How to use the 80/20 rule to leverage and focus your split testing
  • How to use your data to gain an overwhelming edge over your competitors
  • The power of decision trees and how (in the right application) they are being used to achieve up to a 60% conversion rate
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