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Expert Interview: Episode 1 – Blake Micola

Facebook Marketing Tips with Blake Micola. Welcome to Episode 1 of our new series; Expert Interview, the show where we are committed to bringing you the experts and influencers who are making the biggest impact in their field. The Expert Interview Series is our way of putting leaders in front of you all so that...

How to Redesign Your Website Without KILLING Your SEO.

TAKE NOTE: Far too often we’re seeing businesses suffer enormous and unnecessary ranking drops due to crucial SEO practices not being followed. Web developers (no matter how smart), just aren’t trained in SEO (it is a completely different speciality). Brand and UX/UI experts will very easily tell you to make changes to your site that...

Thick vs Thin content and the latest trends to avoid in 2018!

Welcome to our new video blog series! In this video, we’ll explore the all too common issues that we are seeing where companies are letting popular website design trends impact their SEO. We’ll cover Google’s recent Maccabees update, the issue of “thick vs. thin content” as well as why single keyword pages are hurting your...
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